Anodot is a real time analytics and automated anomaly detection solution that discovers and turns outliers in time series data into valuable business insights.

Anodot illuminates business blind spots with AI analytics, so you will never miss another revenue leak or brand-damaging incident. Our automated machine learning algorithms continuously analyze all your business data and alert you in real time whenever an incident occurs, even for questions you never thought to ask. By detecting the business incidents that matter, and identifying why they happen by correlating across multiple data sources, Anodot lets you remedy urgent problems faster and capture opportunities sooner. Unlike traditional BI, Anodot has built-in data science, so any user can easily gain actionable business insights without data science expertise.

Data-centric companies like web-based businesses, digital advertising and IoT need to know that their companies are running smoothly, 24/7. Anodot notices – before you do and before your customers do – if something is off; if a metric is out of place. The beauty of Anodot is that it identifies these anomalies at such an early stage that it can predict that something will become a major issue long before it does.

Detect Business Incidents.

Fast. Unified, Scalable Platform Break down silos: BI, R&D and Devops share the same platform for business and IT metrics.

Real Time Analytics
Eliminate costly insight latency. Predict issues before they become major ones.

Automated Anomaly Detection
Insights and alerts go far beyond static thresholds and traditional dashboards with machine learning.

Aggregate & Correlate
Automated anomaly grouping allows for faster root cause investigation, and eliminates alert storms.

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