AUTOMATAPI is incorporated with an aim to provide next-generation enterprise solution and consultancy in the field of business data intelligence, process automation and enterprise integration intelligence.

Traditionally, core software solutions, workflow engines and analytics software work in their own silos giving a post-facto and disconnected nature to the insights sourced from decisioning systems.

AUTOMATAPI offers an alternative in the form of a self-learning cognitive business process automation engine that has the following features:

  • Self-learning algorithms continuously monitor processes, building efficiencies
  • Predictive behaviour gives early insight into goals and targets SLAs
  • Real-time intelligence gives access to immediately actionable insights
  • Next generation technology stack makes integration easy

AUTOMATAPI comes inbuilt with Automata which automate business processes thereby replacing existing traditional workflow engines with a next-generation cognitive platform.

Automata Advantage:

FAST - Automata are built to be fast and real-time enabling core systems to act on insights during the course of the transaction.

SECURE - Automata are built to be secure and work on anonymized data. They meet all the current security and encryption standards required for securing your valuable operational data.

EASY - Automata are easy to integrate, they ship with SDKs and are available as REST API calls. They can be hosted on-premise or accessed over the cloud.

Automata Offerings

API Access - Our Automatons are available to be integrated with your systems in easy to integrate SDK and REST API form. The automatons can be deployed on-premise or on the cloud as per your requirement.

Cognitive business process automation - Our Automatons are available bundled within a next-generation business process automation suite. The solution caters to add intelligence to existing data flow orchestration requirements in your company.

Consultancy services - We provide consultancy services in the field of business process automation, enterprise application integration, core system technology evaluation and data process excellence.

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