BLUEPRINT Reno laid the groundwork for accelerating tech prosperity across America with higher paying jobs. BLUEPRINT York will continue this critical conversation with a focus on AI and automation and how the heartland can prepare for these innovations .

Tours of York, PA Vision 2.0 site and more followed by BLUEPRINT kick-off event

Inspirational keynotes, regional innovation stories and panel discussions accompanied by several small-group working sessions with all participants

Bringing together all of Day 2’s work in a Town Hall format, announcements of critical new initiatives, and visionary keynote


Advances in AI and automation are significantly changing our economic landscape. New innovations will replace up to 40 percent of current jobs by 2020 (according to PwC).

Regions such as York, PA are embracing these technologies and growing their economies by supplying the solutions for our modern world.  Yet York and others are also grappling with the future of their workforce and the training and skills that will be required to take on these new opportunities.

BLUEPRINT York will discuss the transformative technologies in AI and automation while exploring what it means for the future of the workforce, particularly in heartland communities.  The group will continue the conversation around what it will take to take advantage of these opportunities and map out a BLUEPRINT for middle America.

This invite-only event brings together large tech companies with economic development agencies, venture capital players, universities, incubators, accelerators, growth start-ups to build connections needed to accelerate prosperity in the heartland.


Regional cities & tech companies showcase their success with AI and automation and their plan for the future
The role of large tech companies and the need for advanced technology jobs
What's needed to grow and prepare talent in the heartland


BLUEPRINT is one of VentureBeat’s intimate events (audience of 250), including:

Tech company executives exploring expansion opportunities outside of the coasts
All executives interested in impacting job prosperity across America

Investors looking to grow their investments beyond the traditional coastal hubs

Socially-minded entrepreneurs looking to help with positive-impact social engineering
National, state, and local government leaders looking to develop policies that will accelerate growth in the heartland

Economic development professionals looking to showcase their region to technology companies, investors and talent.



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