Zeta is laser-focused on delivering results for our clients. Whether it is acquiring new customers at scale, generating incremental purchases or deepening engagement and loyalty, our clients access Zeta’s people-based signal data, AI-driven technology and world-class services to improve their performance.

Expertise and Execution
Zeta believes that winning business results come from a world-class platform amplified by world-class services. Our team of strategists, technologists, data scientists and campaign managers provide clients with the expertise and execution required to break through and connect with consumers and improve return on marketing investment.

We are Zeta Global
We make it easier for the world’s leading brands to master 1:1 marketing at scale—what we call Person-Based Marketing. Our Marketing Cloudcombines individual-level data, marketing automation and AI to identify and engage the right consumers with personalized experiences that are relevant, valuable and inspiring. Our Data Cloud contains billions of unique profiles and signals that seamlessly integrate with our patented AI to help marketers acquire, retain and grow customer relationships that increase revenue, build loyalty and improve marketing ROI. Our Experience Cloud enables content creators like publishers and brands to deepen engagement, extend the conversation and increase lifetime value.

Treat Your Customers the Way They Want to Be Treated
Consumers have changed. They are filtering, sharing, experiencing and connecting like never before. Treating consumers how you want to be treated—the Golden Rule of yore—is the past. Succeeding with today’s Connected Consumer requires marketers to learn the New Golden Rule. Through real-time signals, predictive analytics and breakthrough AI, Zeta makes this easy.

Signals at Scale
Capturing and acting-on all first party and third party signals in real-time, and more importantly, differentiating between the ones that matter and the noise is critical to break through with the Connected Consumer. Extend your customer insights and build a true 360 degree view.

Personalized Experiences
Visualizing a customer journey is simple, but it’s not often right. Today’s Journey-of-One requires deploying new tools and learning the new rule to identify critical touch points and design unlimited pathways built for each individual. The power of Zeta’s platform and team of customer-experience experts enables you to activate your brand through intelligent interactions.

AI Everywhere
Executing great marketing has become very complex. How can a marketer deliver the scale of a TV ad with the personal intimacy of your best salesperson? Zeta AI lives at the heart of our technology stack in order to automate and optimize every campaign deployment. This enables us to deliver the optimal experience and ultimately, the highest ROI.


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