All of your data, from dozens of sources, all available through one interface. Leveraging the entirety of your enterprise knowledge, Lucy answers complex questions in seconds. You can get your job done faster and more thoroughly.


Lucy lends a helping hand to marketing professionals
Get more out of your data. Lucy delivers insightful conclusions, refined segmentation analysis, killer marketing plans, and world-conquering media strategies. She’s simple. She’s swift. She’s the AI-powered assistant to the marketing pro.

How can Lucy transform the way I work?

Imagine if sophisticated market research, complicated reports, and flawless media plans were just a mouse click away. Sounds like magic—but it’s just Lucy. She represents a new advancement in how technology can speed up and improve the work of the marketer. Whether you ask her to hunt down facts about a potential market, pull together a reocurring report, or draw up flawless media forcasts, she performs time-consuming tasks in an instant—without breaking a sweat.

Automate Workflows
It comes up every week, month or quarter—that recurring report you or your team is responsible for and you spend the majority of the time just trying to gather the data. This is where Lucy comes in. When you need key figures, she gives them to you instantly. What once took a morning or even a few days is now the work of a couple seconds. Report compiling becomes easy and automated with Lucy's help.

Drive customer insight
People are complicated—Lucy understands. Give her a few key customer data points, and she uses her resources to draw a detailed audience profile explaining personality, needs, and values. Next, she drills down even further, breaking the larger persona into archetype groups. The result? Deep understanding, so you can tailor your message for a perfect fit.



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