Founded in 2014, FindTheRipple wants to change the way brands engage with their target audience in social media platforms. We proactively help marketers creating content, based on audience’s trends.

Our brand new AI-driven proprietary solution can timely generate great content that resonates with their target audience. With FindTheRipple our customers can surf the trend before it peaks.
Automate your content marketing!
The AI-driven platform supporting marketers in creating content with impact, finding untapped trends and resonating digital assets for target audiences.

Be alerted of engagement trends
Automate processes and improve results of your content marketing activities. Our bot will alert you about emerging engagement peaks in your target audience and will recommend you matching digital assets for content creation.

Have more time for creativity
It’s time to say goodbye to the time spending activity of engaging content generation. Streamline in-moment marketing by allocating based on marketer’s needs. Optimise your effort knowing emerging trends ahead of the competition and publish great content executing impactful social media marketing activities.

Create High Impact Campaigns
Generate viral content for social media that resonates with your target audience and reach the audience timely. Our web solution automates personalised content generation about trending topics recommending catchy text, cool images, users to involve in the conversation.


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