KONUX empowers the rail industry to operate with the highest availability. Our self-learning system collects, integrates and analyzes data from multiple sources to optimize the utilization of critical assets.
But of course we are much more than a mission statement. Find out what exactly makes KONUX such an awesome company!

How we got here – the KONUX success story

Digitize Every Thing
Monitor, analyze and understand your assets & infrastructure and make unplanned maintenance a thing of the past, with the help of our four-layer approach.

Know How
Our approach is based on one simple truth: Continuous asset monitoring is not enough if you don’t also make sense of the generated data. At the same time, the most sophisticated algorithms won’t help taken on their own – they have to be based on precise and correct data. This is why we’ve developed a customized end-to-end solution that helps you Measure, Connect, Analyse and Act, and get the insights you need to predict and plan maintenance, and enhance your performance.

Measure what you need
First you need data. We identify the exact information that is necessary to make meaningful predictions. If this requires generating additional data, we provide you with hardware in the form of smart sensor systems, customized to your specific requirements. All of this to help you measure what you need.

Connect what you know
It all comes together in the cloud. With the help of wireless transmission and secure cloud storage, you’ll have all important information in one place. The cloud combines data from different sources and makes it accessible at any time and place, helping you connect what you know.

Dig deeper into your data
Smart algorithms work wonders. We apply artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze your data. This helps us move from pure descriptions of your assets’ health to predicting future developments and preventing downtime. Maximize the window for maintenance and dig deeper into your data.

Act on your knowledge
Complex information made comprehensible: The results of our analytics are presented in a user-friendly way on our customized frontend, or integrated into your tools. This gives you maximum flexibility on how and where to keep track of your assets.

Rail Data at your Fingertips
We digitize the rail industry and help operators make their infrastructure smarter, their network more efficient and their trains run on time.

Improve the quality of your network
Railway networks have to cope with increasing load and aging infrastructure. As maintenance needs get more frequent, manual inspections don’t suffice to detect them in advance. Switches are the most critical part of rail infrastructure and, so far, the hardest to monitor.

Find out how our solution can help you know your assets’ state and move to predictive maintenance.

KORA switch monitoring
We support rail operators with the monitoring and analysis of switch health. KORA is our system solution, which shows you the state of your switches and helps detect anomalies in time.

KORA not only monitors the condition of your assets but applies artificial intelligence in order to identify and assess anomalies in your data. By comparing the "digital footprint" of your healthy assets with the results of our continuous condition monitoring, we enable you to detect potential failures in time and to schedule your maintenance actions accordingly.

By this means, maintenance actions can be planned in advance and unexpected downtime can be prevented.

Data integration and analysis
As part of our end-to-end solution, intelligent IoT sensors gather asset data in the field and can thus add to data collected from other sources. Sensor clusters measure acceleration and communicate wirelessly via GSM. The raw data gets pre-processed in the sensor to make data transmission more efficient.

Once transmitted, your asset data is analyzed using artificial intelligence to detect anomalies and identify potential failures. Predictions for condition-based maintenance are aligned with your available resources and transformed into specific maintenance recommendations. Your maintenance staff benefits in terms of lead times as well as detailed information about the asset’s condition – and can act promptly and efficiently.

Your benefits
Customized front-end
At your end of our solution there is an intuitive, user-friendly interface. Your dashboard can be customized to fit your team’s KPIs, and you are free to switch between different levels of detail.

Continuous insights into your assets’ condition
You will be provided with insights into the state of your switches. Our holistic approach detects critical wear and potential problems before they actually happen, alerts you to critical events and provides maintenance recommendations.

Increase availability and safety while reducing costs
Continuous asset monitoring, detailed predictions and notifications through our customizable front end enable you to plan maintenance more efficiently, reduce downtime and ensure safety for your staff and customers.


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