Our software (an SDK) gives mobile apps the ability to identify the user's environment and change behaviour accordingly.

We predict user intent from changes in the environment
Mobile devices of today operate in silos: they have little to no situational awareness.

Here's an example: you're in a meeting, and your phone rings.
Perhaps you should have put your phone on silent, or added the meeting to your calendar so your phone would go silent automatically.

​Our approach to problems like this is to stop blaming the user, and make the phone more human-like. Our software gives mobile apps the ability to identify the user's environment and change behaviour accordingly.

We use state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and sensor fusion techniques to combine information from sensors present in mobile devices to achieve high-level context statements, such as "indoors on a rainy day" and "cycling home from work".
Our multi-platform software integrates effortlessly into Android and iOS applications, and supports most embedded devices.

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