Oovvuu is changing the way video is watched, distributed and monetised.

Oovvuu is on a mission to use artificial intelligence to place a relevant video in every article in the world.

Oovvuu uses a combination of AI and partnerships with more than 50 broadcasters and publishers across the world to achieve this.
• A billion people a day are watching news video online, and they want more
• Broadcasters have the video and need global, ubiquitous, instant distribution
• Publishers have the audience but need more video to satisfy the booming demand, and
• Advertisers and agencies want brand safety and engagement at scale

Oovvuu's proprietary AI, called Compass, works with the world’s most powerful supercomputer IBM Watson, to read 100,000 news publishers across the world in real-time. It analyses more than 300,000 articles on 26 million topics every hour.

Compass then watches thousands of hours of video from the BBC, Bloomberg, ITV, Al Jazeera and more than 50 more to find relevant video, and it then inserts the videos directly into the articles where they are read by a billion people in 143 countries.

Oovvuu is funded and supported by global tech giants IBM and Amazon and it was named IDC's Disruptor of the year for 2017.

The timing is right. News consumption is exploding, video creation is soaring and video viewing is at an all-time high. Oovvuu taps this network effect to get any video from any broadcaster into any article, anywhere in less than a second.

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