Prioritize the most relevant products for each individual shopper on category and landing pages for increased conversion.


Reflektion Delivers

Know and Leverage Customers' Real Time Purchase Intent
Reflektion understands the individual intent and preferences of each customer and intelligently responds in real time. When combined with our knowledge of your brand’s product offerings, these insights allow you to leverage your most relevant content or products to influence each customer at every relevant point of engagement.

Create the Unified Experience Your Customers Demand
Today’s digitally-savvy consumers are demanding seamless, intimate, highly relevant experiences with your brand – regardless of where these interactions occur. Reflektion’s customer data and insights enable you to unify each experience, ensuring every interaction is relevant and timely to each individual.

Deliver Real Business Impact
By engaging your customers with the most relevant content and products, you create a more intelligent and satisfying experience that drives greater results for your brand. Reflektion’s unmatched understanding of individual customer intent and product catalog inventory drives double-digit increases in conversions and revenue per visit for leading brands such as Disney, TOMS, Marmot, Sur la Table, Godiva, and more.

Your Innovation Partner

Product Intelligence
It’s not enough to know your customer. To match them with the perfect product, you must also know your catalog. With an indexing rate of over 1 million documents per minute, our platform grasps the entirety of your catalog quickly and uses this knowledge to match shoppers with the most relevant products.

Individual Shopper Insight
The days of segmentation are over. Our platform creates individual profiles for each customer and uses deep learning to update these in real time. The result is an individualized and personal experience for each shopper on your site—often leading to double-digit increases in conversions and revenue per visit.

AI/Machine Learning
Deep learning is a form of machine learning and artificial intelligence that uses large data sets, neural nets, and backpropagation to develop dynamic models of understanding. Founded by pioneers in deep learning algorithms from powerhouses such as Google, Gmail, Oracle, and Netflix, Reflektion brings the power of deep learning to the retail and ecommerce industry.

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