Award-winning artificial intelligence that delivers a personalized and engaged customer experience to each individual—at scale.

Uncover hidden patterns in your customer behavior

Our platform uses artificial intelligence to automate your emails better than rules-driven campaigns, saving you time to focus on your strategy.

Artificial Intelligence
Our artificial intelligence makes 2.3 billion predictions per day. We deliver predictions on behaviors and affinities for each of your customers.

Optimize your ad campaigns with Artificial Intelligence. Sync our predictions to Facebook and Google, and let our AI do the heavy lifting for you.

ReSci has everything you need—all in one place

Complete lifecycle automation
Intelligent item triggers
ML product recommendations
Self-optimizing emails + subject lines
Price sensitivity incentive optimization
Predictive lead scoring
Ad optimization + Facebook sync
Predictive CLV + future spend
Churn + at-risk scoring
Predictive timing intervals by day + time

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