Save 30 Hours A Month Managing Social Media
SmartKai is an AI-powered assistant that manages your social media marketing

3 Reasons why you will love SmartKai:

Save Time & Money
SmartKai saves you 7 hours each week by intelligently creating, scheduling, posting, analyzing your social media posts.

Increase Website Traffic
SmartKai enables more people to see your amazing posts by intelligently repeating your evergreen content multiple times.

Wondering how SmartKai works?

1. Attach Your Social Accounts
2. Create Content Playlist
- Add Your Content To SmartKai Library
- Create A Weekly Posting Schedule With SmartKai's Help
- Set Intelligent Options: Auto-Create "Magic" Posts (Using AI), Repeat Posts, Expire Playlist
3. Done
Let SmartKai Intelligently Post Content For You
Manage With Ease
SmartKai is easy, intuitive, and fun to use.
SmartKai will remove hours of social media busywork in less than 10 minutes.

SmartKai is constantly learning and getting smarter
SmartKai gets smarter as it learns more about your social media accounts and your content.
Also, SmartKai shares the learnings and insights with you, so that you no longer have to analyze and extract insights yourself.


AI-Powered Scheduling
Schedule the most impactful content at the right time

Evergreen Content Recycling
Share your evergreen content multiple times to increase exposure

Visual Calendar
Easily see and manage your content schedule

Gain insights on how your content is performing across networks

Content Playlists
Organize social media management with the help of categories

Share your content across Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn (more networks coming soon)

Content Creation
Easily create social media posts. Add video and images with an intuitive UI

Content Curation
Easily create a continuous stream of content using RSS to engage your fans and followers

Stay in the loop with email notifications


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