We use artificial intelligence to power a personalized search, discovery, and shopping experience on travel websites and applications.

Our Mission.

Travel search is impersonal and cumbersome. We are creating a far more engaging travel e‑commerce experience that converts.
Our Platform.

Users can seamlessly search and chat with our platform using natural language, which understands context and intent. WayBlazer then recommends the best destinations and products such as packages, hotels, vacation rentals, cruises, tours, and more. Each recommendation dynamically ranks and merchandises the most relevant images and reviews for every user.
Our People.

We are a team of travelers and technologists. Our talent includes some of Austin’s top minds in the fields of data infrastructure, machine learning, data science, and computational linguistics.
Our Founders

WayBlazer was founded in 2014 by Terry Jones, Founder of Travelocity/Founding Chairman of, and Manoj Saxena, former GM of IBM Watson

Travel Planning Hasn’t Evolved.
Travel planning is time-consuming and impersonal. Travelers are forced to navigate through dozens of websites to find the right offer that matches their trip needs. This generic experience doesn’t engage or convert.

Meet our Travel Intelligence. It’s here to work for you.
The WayBlazer Travel Graph uses artificial intelligence to learn about tens of millions of travel products and thousands of global destinations. It ingests and extracts useful information from descriptions, reviews, blogs, images, and videos to develop a frame of travel intelligence that’s used to power the most relevant recommendations for every traveler.

By using machine learning models, our travel graph gets smarter with every user search. The result is a recommendation engine that understands travel like an expert, factoring both context and search intent.


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