Intelligent Automation. Digitize operations with intelligent automation for your business processes, with solutions that use RPA, artificial intelligence, chatbots and the crowd.

WorkFusion's Intelligent Automation empowers enterprise operations to digitize. WorkFusion combines robotic process automation (RPA), AI-powered cognitive automation, workflow, intelligent conversational agents, crowdsourcing and analytics into enterprise-grade products purpose-built for operations professionals. These capabilities let enterprise leaders digitize their operation, exponentially increasing productivity and improving service delivery.

WorkFusion is committed to powering the digital transformation of work. We offer software products that let enterprise leaders digitize their operation, exponentially increasing productivity and improving service delivery. The company is headquartered on Wall Street in New York City with teams in the US, Europe, and India. WorkFusion’s engineers, data scientists, designers, and customer teams are bound by a single purpose: to deliver enterprise-grade, AI-powered products purpose-built for operations professionals.

Transform your enterprise with front-to-back office automation. Digitize work with AI-powered software purpose-built for operations professionals.

RPA Express is a free software product that lets you automate web, desktop, and terminal applications so that you can do bigger things.
Automate your applications - RPA Express lets you automate any application, including common enterprise software like Citrix, Office, Oracle, and SAP as well as the not so common custom applications that you’ve built to run your business.
Manage bots easier - Control Tower provides management capabilities that paid RPA products don’t have, like business process management (BPM), bot management and audit trails. ​
Bots that watch and learn - RPA Recorder lets you automate by recording what you do on a desktop, like navigating a drop-down menu, selecting a checkbox, or copying/pasting text.​
Eliminate copy-and-paste work - Screen scraping capability makes it easy to collect displayed data from one application and translate it into data that can be used and displayed by another application. ​
Get started with OCR - RPA Express includes an entry-level, open source optical character recognition (OCR) and lets you plug in your own OCR license for more advanced functionality
Combine the best of bots and people - Rather than putting automation in a silo and manual work in another silo, RPA Express lets you integrate manual tasks (like categorizing an email or extracting data from a document) into the same workflow and provides user interfaces for making that judgment worker easier to do.

Process-level automation with self-learning RPA, cognitive, and workflow in one product.
Configure, don’t code - Business people can configure complex processes with drag-and-drop simplicity. WorkFusion SPA comes preloaded with process templates to get to automation faster, as well as pre-built robotic, cognitive, and exceptions handling components to make it easier to configure custom workflows.​
Automate repetitive application work - Robotic Process Automation (RPA) eliminates the need for people to perform the repetitive, rules-based work of operating legacy applications, like Citrix, SAP and Oracle. Use WorkFusion’s RPA to enter or collect structured data into or from any application, on-premise or in the cloud.
Digitize your data - Convert data in any language to digital form with built-in Optical Character Recognition (OCR), which can be added to any process. WorkFusion automatically escalates exceptions to your people and uses machine learning to make OCR smarter with each human touch.
Automation that learns from and teaches people - WorkFusion automates the time-consuming process of training and selecting machine learning algorithms for work that’s too complex for robotics. WorkFusion’s Virtual Data Scientist (VDS) uses historical data and real-time human actions to train models to automate judgment work in a business process, like categorizing and extracting unstructured information. Models quickly build confidence with training, and WorkFusion notifies users when automation can match or exceed the precision level required for a process. VDS lets users set balance accuracy and automation coverage, routes exceptions and validation tasks to people, and catches and corrects human errors. ​
Harness the best of bots and people - WorkFusion creates a true digital workforce by combining automation and people within workflows. Tasks within business processes are intelligently routed to the right person or bot, every human or machine action is quality controlled using Six Sigma methods to ensure precision, and preventive controls ensure regulatory compliance.
Get deeper operational analytics - Surface important insights about the automation of your processes with real-time, granular analytics. WorkFusion’s Control Tower provides comprehensive business activities monitoring and visualizes the status of individual tasks and end-to-end business processes. Users can track KPIs and cost savings through automation and monitor individual worker and entire workforce performance.

Intelligent conversational agents ​to increase service center capacity by 5x. After training on historical conversations, the Chatbot performs just like a human agent, conversing with customers to achieve context and intent, and executing processes within the back office to fulfill requests. More complex conversations are seamlessly escalated to your people, ​and the Chatbot learns from each new outcome.
Automate front-to-back-office fulfillment - WorkFusion Chatbots go beyond Q&A by executing tasks in your back-office applications. Through direct integration to WorkFusion Smart Process Automation, Chatbots collect data, enter information, process transactions, and deliver results directly in the chat window, via text, or via email.​
Improve customer experience - Reduce the amount of effort from your customers by allowing them to communicate in a natural conversation and accelerate the time to resolution of inquiries through automated fulfilment.
Provide omni-channel access - Seamlessly integrate Chatbots into all your existing online and mobile platforms, including websites, apps, and text messaging, allowing your customers to reach you anytime, anywhere, through any channel. ​
Elevate people to more valuable inquiries - Your customers receive the highest level of service through the automation of repetitive inquires and by getting more time with agents when their inquiries can’t be automated.

A platform for sourcing, training, and managing an elastic workforce.
Integrate people and machines - Tap human judgment right alongside machine speed, leveraging pre-configured, drag-and-drop tools like OCR to ensure your workforce is has every automation advantage to focus on the most complex work.
Leverage the best, most unique talent - Source workers with unique skill and exotic languages from any online talent market around the world to supplement your internal or offshore capacity and match the best-skilled pool of resources for the job. ​
Boost employee productivity - Maintain a productive and cost effective workforce by training your employees to perform work accurately, and then distribute work to the most qualified people. Use WorkFusion SmartCrowd to reward top performers and provide training and support where it’s needed the most.
Get quality results - Ensure the precision of work performed by people through WorkFusion’s Worker Fitness capability, which automatically checks and adjudicates each task through machine learning powered analysis of your workers’ performance.
Derive better Analytics - Keep an eye on everything in real time with the built-in analytics dashboard, allowing you to improve skills and adjust work assignments on the fly to optimize overall workforce performance.​

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