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Zylotech is a Self Learning Customer Data Platform powered by artificial intelligence. Understand your customers with more clarity than ever before. Zylotech’s AutoML platform solves data variety and quality challenges to create a unified and enriched customer database using all available data sources. The platform continuously unifies data and performs ongoing analysis such as micro-segmentation, product recommendations, cross-sell/up-sell opportunities and retention/churn risk scoring.

Zylotech's Self Learning Customer Data Platform:

Data Layer
Precious data about your customers is being dropped every second across multiple sources and channels, but how do you catch it all and exploit it?
Zylotech automates data collection in near real-time and uses it to purify and decontaminate your customer database.
Organize and standardize your customer profiles, and enhance them with vital missing information, connections, and behavioral patterns and insights.

Analytics Layer
Zylotech fully automates the complicated and time-consuming data analytics work involved in analyzing and executing your marketing.
Utilize the unmatched force of artificial intelligence and machine learning to establish how best to engage with your customers.
With Zylotech’s data analytics dashboard, you get an interactive, visual understanding of your customers.

Why A Self Learning Customer Data Platform?

For Marketers:
Every second, vital customer behavioral and transactional data is generated through marketing campaigns, sales, and e-commerce activity.
For Marketers, Zylotech offers a single source to accumulate, deeply analyze, and visually present this vast array of omnichannel customer data.
Use the insights garnered from the built-in data analytics tools to create highly personalized, 1:1 customer experiences that prevent churn and ramp up customer retention and loyalty.

With real-time, relevant, and reliable data, Zylotech makes it as easy as a click of a mouse to decide precisely the right moment to reach out to which customer and on what platform.

For Data Teams:
Data teams are aware of the wealth of crucial customer data at their fingertips but know that it moves and changes too quickly sometimes.
That’s why Zylotech’s A.I. and machine learning technology automates the data collection and analysis process in a way that is faster and smarter.
No more decisions based on outdated, stale data. No more hours spent analyzing trends only for those trends to have changed in the meantime. Data prep has never been this easy.
By automating the data analysis process, data teams and technologists can stand by smarter, data-backed business, sales, and marketing decisions while also being free to work on other areas.

Self Learning Customer Data Platform Capabilities:

Data Unification
Accumulate all of your disparate, omnichannel customer data in one place. Data is continuously pulled from every channel and source in near real-time.

Data Cleansing
The data layer removes duplicates and makes sure your customer profiles are clean and accurate.

Data Enrichment
Zylotech’s data layer augments your customer profiles by adding in vital missing personal and behavioral information.

Customer Segmentation
Zylotech lets you flexibly explore, segment, and activate customer data in your marketing platform.

Predictive Analytics
Use ZyloTech’s built-in predictive analytics to discover propensity to send the most personalized and timely, 1:1 offers to customers. Prevent churn, re-engage past customers, and cross-sell and up-sell in smarter ways.

Third-Party Integrations
Zylotech not only pulls in data from multiple sources, it also pushes out data to your favorite 3rd party marketing automation, business intelligence and analytics tools.

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