The State of AI in B2B Marketing

The State of AI in B2B Marketing



Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming more prevalent as a component of marketing technology solutions. The promise for AI seems huge in part by what people think it is, what it can do, and what others say about it. Some marketers may already have tools in their stack with AI functionality and they don’t realize it. The bottom line is: B2B marketers are still in early learning phases with AI.

The early stage information and ideas about AI in marketing also create confusion. Vendors and thought leaders often discuss machine learning, propensity modeling, and natural-language processing, which are all different types of AI. Even so, marketers at all levels believe there is tremendous potential for using AI in a variety of applications to help achieve business goals. Early adopters are commonly using technologies with AI capability to help with identifying prospective customers, personalization, and predictive modeling. Vendors are just beginning to develop ways to use AI in their solutions, and the innovation should increase at an accelerated pace as enthusiasm grows and the value becomes apparent.

EverString and Heinz Marketing conducted the first-ever survey to understand how B2B marketers view AI currently and how they envision using AI as a strategic tool to help meet their goals and objectives. EverString is proud to provide the findings from this survey to help B2B marketers understand how they compare to peers in viewing AI applications, and future expectations to create value.

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